Please be aware that the loyalty program is ending. The final date when loyalty points can be accrued will be 6/13. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

A Loyalty Program You're Going to Love.

Dyehard Fan Supply, the official operator of the Miami Redhawks store is proud to announce our new Loyalty Platform for Redhawks fans. We feel that the combination of our product offering, prices, and loyalty program provides merchandise buyers with an unparalleled purchasing experience.

Points Program

Customers will accumulate points for every purchase and for every dollar you spend you will get a point. Each point can be redeemed for $.05 (minimum $2.50) on future purchases or saved for exclusive fan experiences.  Please see here for complete details on earning and redeeming points.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Miami Redhawks loyalty program?

It’s simple! Create an account when you check out and we’ll enroll you automatically. You will immediately begin earning points which can be redeemed for valuable fan experiences or a merchandise credit equal to 5% of your spending on all eligible purchases. If you have made a purchase and have an account, sign in to view your loyalty reward points (please note there is a 14 day period after a purchase is completed to receive your loyalty reward points). Please note that email subscribers are not automatically enrolled in our Loyalty Program.

What are loyalty points?

Redhawks loyalty points are awarded (1 point for each $ spent) and can be redeemed for exciting fan experiences or used as a merchandise credit which can be applied as a discount on your next eligible purchase. Each Redhawks loyalty point is equal to 5¢ credit toward eligible purchases and members can earn additional special promotions. Loyalty points spending may be used on any product, however, gift certificates or merchandise credits are not eligible purchases.

Is there a minimum number of points I need to redeem?

Yes, a minimum of 50 Redhawks loyalty points ($2.50) must be redeemed if used toward merchandise purchases.

How are Redhawks loyalty points Earned?

Redhawks loyalty points are earned on the purchase amount after all applicable discounts are applied and before tax and shipping is applied. Points can be saved or can be credited to your purchase upon checkout.

Where can I use Redhawks loyalty points?

Redhawks loyalty points can be earned on any purchase made through our online store or official onsite locations. For purchases made onsite, please email a copy of your receipt to and we will credit the points to your account. Points may only be redeemed online.

How do I use Redhawks loyalty points?

Log in to your account anytime and when you are ready to check out, your Redhawks loyalty points will be deducted from your subtotal during checkout. Redhawks loyalty points cannot be used for shipping expenses or sales taxes. Remember, you can only use Redhawks loyalty points when you're logged in!

Help! My Redhawks loyalty points aren’t showing up in my account?

Redhawks loyalty points take up to 14 days after your purchase to be credited to your account.

Do Redhawks loyalty points Expire?

Redhawks loyalty points expire 2 years after each eligible purchase.

What happens if I returned merchandise for which I received Redhawks loyalty points?

If you return merchandise for which you earned Redhawks loyalty points, those Redhawks loyalty points will be deducted from your balance.

Terms & Conditions

  • Redhawks loyalty points members will receive emails regarding their balances, program change notifications, special promotions, and new product information.
  • There is no purchase necessary to become a member, and there is no membership fee.
  • All merchandise (including sale and promotional items) is eligible for earning and redeeming Redhawks loyalty points unless otherwise specified.
  • Redhawks loyalty points have no cash value and are not transferable to anyone else. They may only be used by you with your account.
  • Redhawks loyalty points and the benefits associated with it are subject to change at any time at our sole discretion.
  • See our Terms of Use for additional terms and conditions that may apply.

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